Black Friday

Hi all, long time, no posts.  lol.

I have been working on my Holiday Photo Cards in my Etsy Shop.  I am offering a Black Friday deal.  Everything in my shop will be 50% off.  I'm hoping to bring in some buyers, and I love a good black friday deal. 

To take advantage of this offer, you will need to use the Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY once you have ordered your card.

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 A few weeks ago I got to throw a baby shower for my Sister.  (not by blood, but my bff)  She is having my sweet niece in a few weeks.  My cousin Whitney, and Bradey's friend Mallory helped out with the shower too, which was amazing.  Whitney made the cute cake topper for the most delicious cake ever.  Nothing Bundt Cakes, if you haven't heard of them, see if one is  near you and GO!  The cinnamon one is to DIE for.
 We decided to go with Coral and Aqua with hints of gray for the colors.  I ended up dying some coffee filters for the Garland below and had so many left over I made the flowers with them.  Super easy to make too, you just stack a few (10-12) together and staple in the middle, and then fluff.  Be sure to place something a little firmer behind so you can hang them easier. (i just used a small circle out of card stock) I love how the big picture turned out.  I got the idea off Pinterest, and it really was easy, to follow the directions.  I cant wait to do a permanent one of a family photo in there.  For the garland (below) I just took the same coffee filters and cut some newspaper about the same size around and ran a string of yarn thru it.
 These were my first time trying to "dye" bottles.  It wasnt a complete success because the top of the bottle werent perfect but I know better next time on what NOT to do.  They turned out good enough though.  I cannot get on Pinterest right now to link up these pictures to the tutorials.
 These were just yarn balls that I strung up with some turquoise twine.  (the yarn i also dyed with the same water i dyed the coffee filters with)
 The yummy foods. My mouth is watering just looking at that cake.
 My mom and I feeling little A kick.  Bradey has such a glow about her.  You can feel the love when she talks about Baby A.
PB&J! (college inside joke)
 Mallory, Whitney, Bradey and myself.  I was so excited to have everyone over.  This was the first shower/party in the new house.  I will get more pictures of the house up soon.
 Nancy (Coby's mom), Bradey, and Debbie (Bradey's mom)
 She got a TON of great gifts.  I could have easily kept all those precious blankets.
 These lovelies are the sisters and soon to be sister-in-law on Coby's side.  Bailey, Ally, Bradey, and Randi.  I was so happy they got to make it up.  I know it was a drive for them, but I know that it meant a lot to Bradey and Coby to have them there.
The soon to be mommy and daddy.  I love them both so much and cannot wait to meet this little girl that has already stolen their hearts.

Jaxen is too cute because every time he see's that big picture of Bradey he points to her belly and says "baby".  He loves babies, and I don't think he fully understands there is a little baby in there. 


Hair Cut

 He got a hair cut this weekend.  I tried to just trim it, but he moved...which resulted in a crooked cut...which resulted in the trimmers.  He wasnt really sure about it, at first he liked it, then about 2 passes into it he decided he didnt want anymore.  I dont think he grasped the concept that once you start you have to finish. 
 Any time we tell him "good job" he claps at himself.  He looks like a different kid.  All grown up.  I dont know if my little mommy heart can take all this.  He learns something new everyday and amazes me with how much he knows.
I finally got around to sewing my curtains for the dining room this weekend.  Its not the best picture but it was overcast so this was the best i could do. (with my iphone)  Below is the moodboard i put together.  All i need to paint the furniture black and put my aqua/turquoise cabinet in there.

We are still putting touches up in the new house, so this is all i have to show right now.  I'm hoping to have some more pictures of things done but its just taking a while.


A few of my days lately..

 In his big boy back pack.
 New Shades


I want this!!

GroopDealz is having an amazing GIVEAWAY!  I have been wanting to get a camera and this would just be perfect if I win.  haha.  Please go here and enter.


Outdoor Movie Night

How much fun would it be to watch a movie outside?  I know there are TONS of people who have already done this but you need a projector to do it.  AND i dont have one.  :)  Thats where this comes in...

Meg  and Sarah are giving away a Target Gift Card for $150, and if i won, I know exactly what i would be buying.  This little beauty would come in handy for SOOO many things.  Please go see their pages and leave a comment to win.


Hello Old Friend

Hello All,
I’d love to tell you that we are completely moved in and my house is amazingly clean and perfect…but that’d be a HUGE lie.  We are still in the process of moving everything in.  We don’t want to just move boxes in and let them sit there.  So, in its long process, any time a box is brought in, it’s gone through and everything is going in a certain place.  The down fall to this is that we have another trailer full of stuff that hasn’t been brought over.  In that trailer is some of our furniture (aka my storage) so some things coming out of boxes have nowhere to go.  My Amazing new craft room/office has no storage yet since it’s in the trailer so it is a complete mess.  I don’t even know where my hot glue gun is…eeeek! I have been able to do a few crafts but not as much as I have been wanting.  I did just buy a folding table to use as my craft table/desk till I get to make the trip down to Ikea to purchase my desk (along with a million other things) but I’m not sure when that will be.  I will say however that we are loving the new house and it amazes me that we have been in there over a month, truly it feels much longer. 
He loves his big boy chair outside with Mommy & Daddies.
At our old house we never sat outside or did much outside in general.  At the new house we love it.  It’s quiet and sometimes in the evening we can see and hear (sometimes smell..gross) the cows next door.  Lexi and Jax love to run in the backyard and we just sit and watch them play.  We bought a little pool that he can’t get enough of.  He wants in it ALL the time, even when it’s chilly.  He and his two best friends are taking swim lessons at the YMCA and he is really starting to enjoy the water, he still doesn’t like it in his face but we are hoping that goes away.  He is growing up so quickly.  I know all mothers tell you that when you’re pregnant “it goes so fast, try and take it all in” well how true that is.  I swear he is a different kid every day. He amazes me with how smart he is.  He talks non-stop (wonder where he gets that from), loves to read, and play outside.  My only complaint is he LOVES (like watches episodes in a row if I let him) Yo Gabba Gabba, now as an adult I cannot stand that dang show.  I don’t know what in the world those people were on when they came up with that show.  But hey, it gives me a few min to get stuff done.

Well this is all for now, ill try to get more stuff done to the house this weekend and take a few pics of rooms to show.  Have a good one, and Thunder Up!