Hair Cut

 He got a hair cut this weekend.  I tried to just trim it, but he moved...which resulted in a crooked cut...which resulted in the trimmers.  He wasnt really sure about it, at first he liked it, then about 2 passes into it he decided he didnt want anymore.  I dont think he grasped the concept that once you start you have to finish. 
 Any time we tell him "good job" he claps at himself.  He looks like a different kid.  All grown up.  I dont know if my little mommy heart can take all this.  He learns something new everyday and amazes me with how much he knows.
I finally got around to sewing my curtains for the dining room this weekend.  Its not the best picture but it was overcast so this was the best i could do. (with my iphone)  Below is the moodboard i put together.  All i need to paint the furniture black and put my aqua/turquoise cabinet in there.

We are still putting touches up in the new house, so this is all i have to show right now.  I'm hoping to have some more pictures of things done but its just taking a while.

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