A few weeks ago I got to throw a baby shower for my Sister.  (not by blood, but my bff)  She is having my sweet niece in a few weeks.  My cousin Whitney, and Bradey's friend Mallory helped out with the shower too, which was amazing.  Whitney made the cute cake topper for the most delicious cake ever.  Nothing Bundt Cakes, if you haven't heard of them, see if one is  near you and GO!  The cinnamon one is to DIE for.
 We decided to go with Coral and Aqua with hints of gray for the colors.  I ended up dying some coffee filters for the Garland below and had so many left over I made the flowers with them.  Super easy to make too, you just stack a few (10-12) together and staple in the middle, and then fluff.  Be sure to place something a little firmer behind so you can hang them easier. (i just used a small circle out of card stock) I love how the big picture turned out.  I got the idea off Pinterest, and it really was easy, to follow the directions.  I cant wait to do a permanent one of a family photo in there.  For the garland (below) I just took the same coffee filters and cut some newspaper about the same size around and ran a string of yarn thru it.
 These were my first time trying to "dye" bottles.  It wasnt a complete success because the top of the bottle werent perfect but I know better next time on what NOT to do.  They turned out good enough though.  I cannot get on Pinterest right now to link up these pictures to the tutorials.
 These were just yarn balls that I strung up with some turquoise twine.  (the yarn i also dyed with the same water i dyed the coffee filters with)
 The yummy foods. My mouth is watering just looking at that cake.
 My mom and I feeling little A kick.  Bradey has such a glow about her.  You can feel the love when she talks about Baby A.
PB&J! (college inside joke)
 Mallory, Whitney, Bradey and myself.  I was so excited to have everyone over.  This was the first shower/party in the new house.  I will get more pictures of the house up soon.
 Nancy (Coby's mom), Bradey, and Debbie (Bradey's mom)
 She got a TON of great gifts.  I could have easily kept all those precious blankets.
 These lovelies are the sisters and soon to be sister-in-law on Coby's side.  Bailey, Ally, Bradey, and Randi.  I was so happy they got to make it up.  I know it was a drive for them, but I know that it meant a lot to Bradey and Coby to have them there.
The soon to be mommy and daddy.  I love them both so much and cannot wait to meet this little girl that has already stolen their hearts.

Jaxen is too cute because every time he see's that big picture of Bradey he points to her belly and says "baby".  He loves babies, and I don't think he fully understands there is a little baby in there. 

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