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Hello All,
I’d love to tell you that we are completely moved in and my house is amazingly clean and perfect…but that’d be a HUGE lie.  We are still in the process of moving everything in.  We don’t want to just move boxes in and let them sit there.  So, in its long process, any time a box is brought in, it’s gone through and everything is going in a certain place.  The down fall to this is that we have another trailer full of stuff that hasn’t been brought over.  In that trailer is some of our furniture (aka my storage) so some things coming out of boxes have nowhere to go.  My Amazing new craft room/office has no storage yet since it’s in the trailer so it is a complete mess.  I don’t even know where my hot glue gun is…eeeek! I have been able to do a few crafts but not as much as I have been wanting.  I did just buy a folding table to use as my craft table/desk till I get to make the trip down to Ikea to purchase my desk (along with a million other things) but I’m not sure when that will be.  I will say however that we are loving the new house and it amazes me that we have been in there over a month, truly it feels much longer. 
He loves his big boy chair outside with Mommy & Daddies.
At our old house we never sat outside or did much outside in general.  At the new house we love it.  It’s quiet and sometimes in the evening we can see and hear (sometimes smell..gross) the cows next door.  Lexi and Jax love to run in the backyard and we just sit and watch them play.  We bought a little pool that he can’t get enough of.  He wants in it ALL the time, even when it’s chilly.  He and his two best friends are taking swim lessons at the YMCA and he is really starting to enjoy the water, he still doesn’t like it in his face but we are hoping that goes away.  He is growing up so quickly.  I know all mothers tell you that when you’re pregnant “it goes so fast, try and take it all in” well how true that is.  I swear he is a different kid every day. He amazes me with how smart he is.  He talks non-stop (wonder where he gets that from), loves to read, and play outside.  My only complaint is he LOVES (like watches episodes in a row if I let him) Yo Gabba Gabba, now as an adult I cannot stand that dang show.  I don’t know what in the world those people were on when they came up with that show.  But hey, it gives me a few min to get stuff done.

Well this is all for now, ill try to get more stuff done to the house this weekend and take a few pics of rooms to show.  Have a good one, and Thunder Up!

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Bradey Mav said...

He is so dang CUTE! I still have 2 boxes in the garage that we haven't unpacked yet. You're definitely doing it the right way.

I can't wait to come see it!