Halloween, baby style.

Jax had his first "school" Halloween Party. All the parents brought treats so I made pudding cups. They were so easy and nice for the kids who didn't have teeth yet.

I made him a Frankenstein shirt for his party, because they didn't want them wearing costumes.

I also made him a pumpkin shirt to wear on actual Halloween. Daddy brought him up to my work, and he got to see his little girl friends. (There were 5 of us pregnant up here at once, and the babies are all about a month apart.)

We took him to Haunt the Zoo with a few friends and their kids. Alivia the Fish was soo adorable and Alex the Skunk was soo stinking (haha get it) cute. It was fun but not that great for kids who aren't really old enough to get candy yet. Its to late at night for the animals to be out.

While at the Zoo he got to see Boomer (the basketball one) and at first he was kind of scared but then he was really intrigued by him.

Here he is on Halloween night "Trick or Treating" aka going to see all the grandparents.

He was having so much fun playing with his great grandpa. They were playing drums on the ottomans. He was laughing so hard. It melts my heart seeing my little boy playing/spending time with his grandparents. I know we all have limited time on this earth and I'm so blessed to be able to see them be around each other.

Now that Halloween is over, I can start focusing more on his birthday. The big #1!! We decided to do a circus theme. It wont be anything big, just a small family birthday, but I will decorate so I think it should be cute. Another update, the house is coming along quite fast. The trim carpenter is in there now, and the bricks were delivered last week so they should be up soon. Then its time to pick out exterior and interior paint and carpet. I cant wait to see it done and move in. We have had a very stressful few months and ready for things to start to slow down.

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