One Year.

(He isnt crying, thats just my bad iPhone picture. a little blurry)

Tomorrow my sweet little boy will be 1 years old. I honestly cant believe how fast time has flown by. I know that when you have a baby everyone says "enjoy it, it goes by quick" but I dont think I expected it to be that fast. Since his birthday is on Saturday I took donut holes to his "school" (aka daycare) for his class. His teacher is so sweet, she had decorated the room a little, gotten him a button and a gift, A mini OU football, his daddy will love it. I am so greatful for that place. They have gone far above and beyond and keep suprising me. You cant thank a teacher, leader, coach (etc) enough for changing your kids lives, for teaching them. He has learned so much just from the short amount of time he has been there.
He shoved the WHOLE donut hole in his mouth. It cracked me up. I cant wait to have his real birthday party tomorrow with family. Its a vintage circus theme. I hope it all goes smoothly.

(note: sorry the faces arent clear, I dont want to post other babies without permission)

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