Coming Along!

The house is coming along quite nicely. The roof is up and the shingles are on so now they cant start on the inside and the rain (coming soon) wont matter. I know its the interior work that takes the longest, I just cant believe it wont be ready till like Feb. I would like to hope before then but who knows. They ordered all the doors (garage, front, back) today so I cant wait to see them up.

This beauty is one of the reasons I fell in love with this house. Its a horrible picture but this will be my new pantry. This thing is HUGE. I have always wanted a pantry, I dont really like leaving stuff on the counters and not everything fits in cabinets so this will be my houseing for those things plus much, much more. I cant wait to organize it with glass jars and wire baskets...eeeek!! All my cupcake stuff will look so cute in here.

This rug is on my mind ALOT for the kitchen. Most of my kitchen stuff right now is red and I love having the red but I think I will add pops of turquiose and these rugs. I have found some fabric that has red, turquoise, black, white and a few other hints of color that I think will tie it all in. I just cant wait to start decorating.

Rug from Crate & Barrel.

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