My little boy is crawling (well has been for somewhile now) and wanting to walk soo badly..just cant seem to keep the balance. I have already started planning his 1st birthday, because you have to start planning ahead. :D or at least I do. I think I will go with Circus theme. I'm not going over board since its just his 1st and he wont remember it but I cant just let it be "plain".
And in other news..building has commenced. They are close to "closing up" the house and then will start on interior details (electrical, more plumbing, and decor). We have a ways to go but i'm so excited to be this far. Our house is still on the market, its been shown twice but were staying posative that someone will come along and fall in love like we did.

There have been a lot of changes in other areas as well. A few months ago my dear friend that I work with left our company to move on to bigger and better things, it was hard for me but I knew she deserved to be happy. I was affraid I wouldnt see her but I have actually gotten to see her quiet often, which makes me very happy. Well since she has left we have had some lay offs (my job is safe, thank you lord) and another one of my close friends, so close shes my cousin (lol), had decided to leave as well. I was kind of being selfish at first because I didnt want her to leave, but I knew that it was an AMAZING opportunity for her and she couldnt pass it up. I'm so happy for those ladies and I hope that they enjoy the new journey that awaits them. I get to see them BOTH tomorrow to a little lunch time pedicure and couldnt be happier.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Labor Day weekend.

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