right NOW.

stole this idea from lindsey, who stole it from meg and a bunch of other bloggers around the internets:

right now i am…
watching: My computer screen.

eating: a dove chocolate, good breakfast i know.

drinking: diet coke (of course), but then on to water.

wearing: Some black ankle pants, a black shirt and a pretty blue cardigan.

avoiding: chirstmas shopping. have to wait till next paycheck to finish.

feeling: bitter, wishing our house would sell and take the stress away.

missing: jax, i hate being away from him.

thankful: for jax's daycare, its so great to see the passion in his teachers eyes when she sees him, my husband for a wonderful date night last night (FINALLY saw Breaking Dawn)

weather: its 30 degrees right now and windy...ugh, i like the 60's much better.

praying: that we sell our house, that the poor family that lost their house and everything get taken care of, and that the people without homes at all are staying warm.

needing: some sleep! i dont know why jax has been waking up every few hours lately, but it makes for one sleepy momma.

thinking: about christmas, how i'm no where near done, but i'm not stressed about it. I will get it done, i always do.

loving: christmas music on the radio, christmas movies on tv, my sewing machine, and the girls at work that are always uplifting, for encouraging me in my crafts.

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