How Far Along: 36 weeks
Size of Baby: About 18.6 inches long and 5.5 lbs.
Total Weight Gain: 26 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Lately leggings and long tops, and of course cardigans
Gender: Boy - Jaxen
Movement: ALL the TIME. Seriously I dont know if he ever stops moving.
Food Cravings: Anything sweet, I just got over my chocolate milk phase.
What I Miss: Sleep, hanging out with my friends and wearing my cute shoes.
Symptoms: Swollen feet (not pretty), not being able to sleep, emotional wreck right now, and my white blood cell count has gone up again... :(
Sleep: Not much, between peeing every hour and not being able to roll over with ease..
Best Moment This Week: Realizing I only have 4 weeks left.
Here is a little tid bit of some of the phrases that came out of our Doctor: "Sure hope he doesnt have your husbands shoulders." Greeeaat..
What I Am Looking Forward To: Having dinner with some friends, watching the OU game and Halloween (even though we arent doing anything for it).

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