Fall, Fall, Fall

Fun Fall Questions!

1. Do you like Starbucks? Are you a fan of their seasonal coffees?
I rarely go to Starbucks, only if I’m craving a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. Apparently I’m going to have to give in and try their Pumpkin Spice Latte because I keep hearing about it. I just cant seem to fall in love with coffee. Especially when its still 80 degrees here!

2. How do you decorate and prepare for Fall?
I normally have my loving hubby get all my fall (Halloween and Thanksgiving) stuff out of the attic and decorate like a mad woman..but this year I’m not putting out a single pumpkin. I have gone back and forth with this so many times but the thought of having the baby right before Thanksgiving (if not earlier) and then taking all those decorations down with a newborn kinda gives me panic attacks. So this year we will be fall-less at our house. Christmas will be a COMPLETELY different story though.

3. Will you participate in your college's homecoming activities?
No I probably won’t. Since I don’t live there anymore and who knows when baby J will make his appearance.
4. What is your favorite fall clothing item and/or accessory?
Cardigans!! I seriously probably wear one everyday. They are my security blanket. I have already been thinking about which one to pack into my hospital bag. I’m NUTS about them. I have them in every color, length, weight…I mean seriously people, I have more of them than shoes.
5. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?
Um I would probably have to say the year I was a bag of Jelly Beans. I wore a 1 piece ballerina outfit, and then my parents cut holes out of a clear trashbag for me to stick my arms and legs out of. Then they blew up a ton of those little balloons and filled the bag full. I just saw a picture of it at my moms a few weeks ago.
6. Do you like Halloween/horror movies? Do you have a favorite?
NO WAY! I absolutely HATE scary movies. I wish I didn’t because I think some of them might be fun to watch, but even in my late twenties (wow I sound old) I still will get nightmares.
7. What is your favorite Fall activity?
Halloween parties. I love throwing them, going to them, dressing up, just about all of it. I like that I can dress up and feel like a kid again. It’s a nice change of pace and I love seeing all the creativity put into some peoples outfits. I also enjoy football season. Having people over for the games, cooking out and watching college and NFL football.
8. What is your favorite Fall recipe?
Well my mom makes this Cheesy Chicken Noodle Soup that is probably one of my most favorite things ever. I told her that she was going to have to make it and bring it over after I have baby J so when I wont be cooking I can have that. Its making my mouth water just thinking about it.
9. What TV show are you most excited about this Fall?
There are a few but I’m pretty excited about the new season of Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and of course Son’s of Anarchy…we have a ton of things recording on our DVR but those are probably my favorites.
10. When do you start Christmas shopping?
Um I honestly start when I see something for someone that I know they will love. I should probably start doing that now though since my whole entire world will be turned upside down soon. It will be interesting to figure out how juggle all the holidays with a newborn.
11. What do you miss most about summer?
Um probably the lake. Although we do go in the fall and winter, I will miss going out in the boat. I love fall/winter time though so its always fun to go and ride 4wheelers and have bonfires.
12. What movie coming out soon are you most excited about??
Um there are a ton that just came out on DVD that I never got to see in theaters that I will be renting when I’m on maternity leave (Netflix here I come). I also want to see Life as We Know It with Katherine Heigle and Josh Duhamel..it looks really cute. I want to see You Again, it looks really funny and I love all the women that are in it.

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