Its a..

(yes the Dr. outlined it bc Michael didnt believe it)

We found out last week that we are having a boy, Jaxen. I was shocked at first because everyone thought it was a girl, including myself. All of my dreams but one were girls, even my mom’s dreams were girls…but nope, we saw his “boy” parts because he was not shy about them. lol. Since we were so convinced it was a girl, I didn’t have any plans for a boy nursery. Michael of course wanted OU and I was fine with some crimson and cream, but I need more…I wanted another color in there besides black. We decided to paint the walls a light gray, which looks good with the antique white furniture and the red. I found a fabric that had the crimson but it also had blue, I just knew that he would not like it but to my surprise he actually did. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought enough for a valance and the crib skirt, and then found a crimson light corduroy fabric which matched perfect for the bumpers. (Now I know some people are completely against bumpers but I like them) Well have some of the other fabric as a piping around the top of the bumpers just to tie it all together. I really like how things are going and we decided to go towards sports (mainly baseball and football) with some OU stuff. Hobby Lobby has some really cute sports stuff right now too, and I am a HUGE HL fan. I could pretty much go there every day. I’ll take pictures when everything is complete but here are a few of the Ultrasound and the nursery furniture put together.

Sucking his thumb.

His hand looks like a mohawk.

His crib.

The changing table.
The dresser.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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