There are so many things i want to do around my house. We bought our house a little over a year ago and havent really done anything to it besides paint the living room. We our house, but all the rooms are the same color, the Kitchen is an awful wallpaper that i can NOT wait to take down. So maybe if i put a list on here of what i need to do...it just might get done.

1. Paint the front door....RED!
2. Remove UGLY wallpaper from kitchen, spare bath and entry way.
3. Texture and Paint kitchen, spare bath and entry way.
4. Replace most light fixtures throughout the house.
5. Paint one if not two of the spare rooms (probably the office and guest bedroom)
6. Repaint kitchen cabinets and replace all hardware.
7. Paint all trim throughout the WHOLE house white.
8. Knock down wall between living room and the game room.

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