My Week

Well to start off, i have been sick for about two weeks now. I'm so glad to finally be feeling better. I still have a cough, but i think its slowly going away. We had a couple put an offer on our house, and we ACCEPTED!! We have the inspection today, and hopefully we will be closing the end of the month. With that being said, they had to kick it into high gear to get the new house done in time. Here is the front, with the final paint colors. Elephant Skin Grey, white columns and trim, and a black beautiful front door. I cant wait for it to be done, and move it. I have been wanting this house for so long. We picked out the carpet/hardwood and lighting last week. They have the lighting and hardware already done. Ill try to get over this weekend and get some updated pictures.

We had a visitor at work today. Talk about a good friday. This is Rumble, Oklahoma City Thunders mascot. He came by to see a guy for his birthday. He really is the best mascot. So friendly and completely full of energy.

Along with being sick, my munchkin has been teething, and also has had a virus. I was trying to get him to laugh at the dr's office. Mission completed. I love that sweet smile and those big cherry cheeks.

Today at lunch, they gave them Chili Cheese Nachos. He LOVED them. He has had them once before and the outcome was the same. Messy face. Lets just say i'm glad im not cleaning that mess. ;) I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I know i'm ready for a little (not sick) time with my family.

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