This is where we are as of yesterday. Our new house is close to being finished and our old house STILL hasn’t sold. I’m starting to lose hope that we will actually get this house. It’s really hard because I have put thought into every piece of this house, along with some money out of our own pocket for some upgrades. It has been a tough few months, financially as well as mentally. I know that there are worse things, and I know that I am lucky for what I have and I have been thanking god for the things that I do have. I have a wonderful husband who loves me, a little boy that thinks I hung the moon, a family that would do ANYTHING for me, a wonderful job, and a roof over my families head. And for that I’m extremely grateful. The fact that I sit here and write this, I’m sure makes me look selfish, and in some ways, I am. I have been dreaming of this house since we started talking about it. I am always the one who is thinking positively but my positive thoughts are slowly drifting. We kind of jumped into this, and that was our fault, maybe that’s why this is happening. I know that God has a plan for everything, and that he knows what is best for my family, and me. I just wish this stress, this constant stress would be fixed. I want someone to love our old house as much as we did. We have had some people look and two families interested but their offers were so low. I know this economy isn’t great for selling homes, I just was hopping for the best, which is what I strive to do with everything. I think after so much bad (other bad things that have happened to us lately) you start to lose the hope, the strength that has kept you going, kept your head up. Our bad aren’t anywhere NEAR as bad as some people have it. I have a wonderful happy, healthy family, and things could be worse, things could be a lot worse. I just needed to vent on here..pity party for one please. Deep down I know that everything will work out for the best, and everything will fall into place on their own, but I just hope it starts soon, so I don’t end up losing my mind. I hope everyone is have a great new year, this is going to be an amazing year..

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Mrs. Mav said...

January and February are the hardest selling months....So it's all uphill from here!

Keep your head up, sisser!