So this has officially started in our house. We started packing up the living room last night. Tomorrow M and his friend are going to get the UHaul and take our big furniture to storage. We found the house we LOVE but now we just have to sell ours. I am hoping we can get the house on the market by next week and that it will sell quickly. We will only keep a few things in the house (the essentials) for now. Our goal is to be in a new house by Jax's birthday and to be able to have his party there. One can only hope though. ;)

This week was my little cousins first birthday and they will be having a birthday party for him on sunday. I am making the cupcakes and his cake along with his birthday shirt and some decorations. I will get some pictures to post. I think it will be cute, its a jungle theme with bright colors.

I will leave you with a pic of the kitchen from the house..i love the white cabinets.. I have always wanted a large kitchen and this isnt it but the PANTRY (love) sure does make up for it.


Mrs. Mav said...

I am SOOOO excited for you! Show me more pictures of the house!!! I'm not looking forward to the packing and moving part. :( But I am BEYOND excited to be living near my best friend.

love you.
Kiss Jax for me. <3

♥Breann said...

Will do. I love you. I am sooo excited that you are getting to expierence the joy of moving. The packing part sucks but the unpacking and making it your own is awesome. I cant wait till were close..shopping, crafting, girl time..eeee.