Catching up.

My cousin and I did a craft show (this is one of the checkbook covers I did) and it was a total bust. There were only 4 of us and they hadnt done ANY advertising what-so-ever. We are going to do another one soon but just need to get a time and place together.

He LOVES this thing..its a bouncer/walker at his cousin's house.

He took his daddy for a drive. lol. First time on the golf cart. He loved it. But it was kinda cold out. This weekend is supposed to be nicer (thank goodness) and we'll get out his blow up pool.

His first Easter Basket. A pool, teething keys, a Thunder Bib, and some little linking rings. The chocolate was for his dad and I. Yum.

I cant believe in two weeks he will be 6 months old. Time really does fly when you have a child. They litterally change everyday. He is not rolling over yet but wants to soo badly. When he is on his stomach he lunges just a bit and pulls his knees up like he wants to crawl. He is just growing up soo quickly. I envy all the stay at home moms.

*Sorry the photos have been REALLY bad lately.

I lost my charger for my camera and its DEAD...so so sad.

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