A few things i have learned..so far..

I am still HORRIBLE at taking pics myself..exhibit A..

Its ok to let them chew on things..as long as there is not lead paint (jk) or they cant swollow it..
He is starting to laugh..like really laugh out loud..its hilarious and amazing all in one..
and it can absolutley melt my heart..

Baby rolls are ok..cute even..

Adult rolls are not..i really need to start working out and get on a diet..

A teething baby can make you want to pull your hair out but my child has been soo good in this area...makes me worry about the next one (someday)..

Its a LOT harder doing crafts and such when you have a child..

My first checkbook cover..gray and pink..

and lastly..PATIENCE..

I know..i know..they say you to prepare yourself for when you have a child..

that patience really is the key....

No one can "prepare" you for your first child..no matter how many classes you take. I love being a mother..I love that a little boy relies on me for everything..that no matter what he loves me and knows that I am his..always..

He is changing everyday and I know when he hits that year mark I will probably want another baby..i will miss the newborn phase..but for now..I enjoy where this is headed..he is learning things and picking up on things so quickly it amazes me..

Until next time..have a wonderful Easter (if i dont post before then)

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