30 Weeks

So as of tuesday I finally hit 30 weeks. I am still in the progress of finishing up the nursery. I just need to sew the bumpers and the valance. Hopefully we (my mom and I) can get it done this weekend. I think it will be pretty simple. Also the "GREAT STATE FAIR OF OKLAHOMA" is here and we went on opening night...yeah crazy I know. Well I think Jax enjoyed his first trip. We had some good food..first was chicken strips (some of the best I have ever had), a roasted ear of corn, and an amazing strawberry banana chocolate crepe. Oh dear I have been wanting one of those for so long. Well my lunch is over so back to work but I thought I would share some belly pics with you guys. All 3 of you that read my page. Haha.
15 weeks.
My best friend and I having fun in the sun.
22 weeks.
I'm at work and fit into my normal pencil skirt. I was impressed.
30 weeks.
Its like a basketball under there. You can tell he is a boy.
More pics to come next week. Wish me luck on the bedding.

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B said...

Goodness gracious. Look at that growing little nephew of mine. <3