Halloween Mantle

These are the only halloween decor pictures i have so far, but i just love my spider.

Charlotte's close up.

Halloween Spider:
You will need:
2 Styrofoam balls (1 big, 1 little)
Black spray paint
8 Pipe Cleaners
2 Red beads
Piece of black string
Glow in the dark glitter glue
1 Black poster board
To assemble:
1. Take your foam balls and cut in half, youll use one as the head and one as the body.
2. Lay on posterboard and trace. Cut out and hot glue to board.
3. Spray paint black
4. Put the red beads on flat head pins and insert at eyes
5. Insert 4 pipe cleaners on each side as legs.
6. Use a corner of your posterboard and cut a web design.
7. Use glow in the dark glitter glue to make the designs on the web.
8. Attach black string to spider and web.
9. Put tape on both and put up in corner.

I call her charlotte because i loved that movie growing up.

*Youll have to forgive my bag sitting out at the bottom of the first picture, didnt notice it till just now.*

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