H1N1 aka Swine

So, I have been at home for this whole week. Yep, i always wanted to be off for a whole week, but i wanted to be able to do things around my house, bake, or even go shopping...not on lock down.

My husband has to sleep in a different room, no goodnight kisses, hugs..nothing. On the upside though, i think i am almost over this crap. I can report that 17 Again is really cute, Monsters vs. Aliens is a great kids movie, Coraline was a little strange but i liked it, and Wolverine was a hit.

I have enjoyed reading everyones blogs, they keep a smile on my face so thank you.

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Deb said...

Awww. Our poor little swine princess. I missed your cupcakes today and your laughter all week.

I've wanted to see Coraline...but I always forget about it. My bro said Wolverine is actually good which is a lot coming from him.