What a WEEK!

This week has been crazy. So many things have happened. So I'm going to make this post a happy post. Here is the newest pictures of Lexi, she is 5 months old now,
I cant believe how big she has gotten. She is going to be the biggest Yorkie EVER!!

I have been cleaning my house getting ready for my cousins
Bridal Shower that is in a few weeks, I'll post pictures of that after they
are taken. If you dont know me very well, I LOVE to host, its one of my
favorite things. I love decorating, and making invitations and thinking of themes
and food. I would love to open a store and sell cupcakes, invitations, and my own art. Thats my dream, someday it could happen.

I have cleaned out one of my bedrooms, and i still have two to go. I need to clean up my bedroom, hang some clothes, throw away old shopping bags and misc papers. Then in my office, I need to go through my boxes from my old apt and my moms. I have only been putting this off for almost a year now. :) I cant wait to get the office cleaned up though because I'm ready to get to painting again and I am going to decorate one wall for just wrapping paper stuff. I want to be so organized. I feel like if I have a place to put something, then I wont just lay it down anywhere. Well I hope thats the way it works anyways.

Well thats all for now, I'll post more later.

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Deb said...

i heart her ears.